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Advertising With Mailers

I use in my advertising mainly mailers and surfers, in other words I click and send email ads and ads in surfers (Traffic Exchanges).

I have found that the best way to be an effective advertiser is open two windows at the same time: in the left side an email window (gmail) and the right side surfer window (e.g. Easy Hits 4 U). I write the mailer name in the Google search and then open 1-5 emails simultaneously

Go to your account where the emails from mailers are.

Write the name of a mailer (e.g. trafficleads2incomeVM) in the search box (above emails).

Click the first email (open it)

Click the blue link below the text ”Click This Link To Earn Credits”.

Go back to the first email (click from upper left).

Below your name are arrows < > – click the right one (>)

= 4 (Click the blue …)

= 5 (Go back …)

= 6 etc. (Below …)

When you have 3 – 5 emails opened, start to ”Click The Matching Icons”.

I usually click 50 emails in each mailer. If my minimum goal is 1000 email ad hits a week, I click about 10 mailers a day (10 x 50).

Remember advertise with ”solos” if possible: use the first name of the receiver. In some of the mailers you can put banner and text ads, too.



THESE ARE MY MAILERS (if you want to join, click banners and sign up)

1 – 10

Traffic Leads 2 Income

Sugar Mailz

The Traffic Secret

Triumph Mailer

Ad Jockeys

Ad Vengers Viral Mailer

100 Percent Mailer

Web Mail Ad

CEO Marketing Path

Big Foot Mailer


11 – 20

Puffin Mailer

Bakery Mailer

European Safelist

Land Marketing Mailer

Downline Maxx

1-Minute Mailer

Active Safelist

Ad Troopers

Almighty Safelist

Ad Solution Line (No Banner)


21 – 30

Enchanted Mails

Friday Night List

Viral Nugget

Legacy Mailz

Speedy Traffic Mailer

Mailer Cash In

Hot List Mailer

List Jumper

Hercu List

Leads, Leads, Leads!

List Volta


31 – 40

Alpha Mails

Aussie Mailer

Blazing Hot Viral Mailer

Buzzy Mailz

Dream Viral Mailer

Viral Mailer Haven

Email Traffic List

Downline Builder Direct

High IQ Mailer

Daily Credit Mailer


41 – 48

Magic Emails

Magical Mailer

The Mailbag Safe List

Mister Safelist

Northern Mailer

Worldwide Mailer

Zaney Mailz

Fast List Mailer



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