Steps – Part 1 = Affiliate

SFI gives you daily advice, what to do. Follow them, but check out these, too:


These are your first steps when you have joined SFI

1.1. Read my article What is SFI  and watch the video there.

1.2. Watch the videos below.




1.3. Learn the basics of your SFI business (move your cursor to TRAINING and click Getting Started).

1.4.  If you have to invest $20 during your first 10 days as a TripleClicks Member, buy a New Member Pack. It comes loader with EVERYTHING you need to get your TripleClicks membership off to a powerful start. NMP<<< CLICK!

1.5. Learn the Rules of Success. Log in your account and then click “Rules of Success” (TRAINING). Study all the 20.

1.6. Read always all the messages (an envelope in the right upper corner of and emails from SFI and your upline. 

1.7. Do the daily actions every day (marked red in your Watch the video below:



Remember these

“SFI is not a quick get rich scheme.” Patience and persistence are needed to grow here.

Money-making in SFI solely depends on team building as well as sales. If you are not good with that, training will help, but you need patience and interest.

SFI can be overwhelming at the beginning, so you need to work to understand the system, rather than just sign up and look for money.

These will allow you to understand the system better, and you will be a better affiliate for sure.

It is possible to get success with SFI in your own country, too. You find excellent examples when you click SCOREBOARD, scroll down to ”See Country Leaders Leaderboard”, search your country name and click it.


When you have done all those steps (1.1. – 1.7.) above, you are ready to move STEPS – Part 2 = Executive Affiliate.