Steps – Part 3 = Team Leader

There’s no reason for being a Team Leader unless you actually have a team! That is, all of the major financial benefits of being a Team Leader are derived from the override commissions (i.e., Matching VP) you earn on your team members. Sure, it’s nice to have the prestigious rank of Team Leader, but it’s a title only essentially if you don’t actually have a team built under you to earn Team Leader commissions on.

Therefore, if you want to be a Team Leader in SFI, your focus (besides meeting your own EA qualifications of course) must be on recruiting affiliates and teaching them to become EAs and Team Leaders themselves (i.e. duplication).



Qualifications (monthly):

  • Minimum 3,000 VersaPoints (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (5) PSAs
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 3 ratings)

Reach BTL with Builder Bundle!

We all should know that we can build a serious residual income by becoming Team Leader and building our group. It is very easy and cheap nowadays to reach BTL (Bronze Team Leader) with a little bit more effort just by using Builder Bundle.

Builder Bundle (with Auto Delivery) for only $55 comes with:

  • 1500 Versa Points / VP (making us EA – Executive Affiliate immediately)
  • 100 TCredit
  • 100 MRP
  • 8 PSA (Personal Sponsored Affiliate) and 12 CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate)

To reach BTL, we need 3000 VP – Here is how to reach the goal with the above Information.

Use the 100 TCredits to bid on 2X Auctions giving us 10 MRP for each bid, giving us 1000 more MRP (total of 1100 MRP). Each bid also gives us 1 VP adding 100 more VP (now total of 1600 VP).

Use the 1100 MRP to purchase 8 of 1TCredit pack that gives us 102 VP per pack (adding 816 more VP) – cost is 126 MRP per pack (leaving us with 92 MRP left). Now we have 2416 VP (we need 584 more to reach BTL).

Use the new 8 TCredit to bid more 2X Auction giving us 80 more MRP (now we have 172 MRP to purchase one more TCredit that gives us another 102 VP). Our total VP is now 2518 – we now need only 482 more VP to reach BTL.

With Daily, Weekly, Monthly actions, Games, and other actions, we can get free VPs from SFI making it easy to reach 3000 total required VP and making us BTL at the end of the month – yep turn those RED to Green daily and check to-do list for other free VPs. If we need a little bit more VP at the end of the month, we can always buy more 1TCredit pack for only $1.99 per pack.

We also need 5 PSA to be eligible for BTL rank. If we do not have 5 PSA by the time we hit 3000 VP, we can always check with our sponsor and uplines to see if they can give us a few PSAs. In my experience as team leader, I would be happy to give 5 PSA to make my affiliate BTL immediately. 

Lastly when we reach BTL rank, make sure we opt-in to the Opti-Build with 50% distribution and teach our downlines the same concept too. Before we know it, we will have a large group of Team Leader and a good sizable income to brag about to friends and family.



Information about the higher titles (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) you find at The Plan.




Steps – Part 2 = Executive Affiliate

Continue reading always all the messages (an envelope in the right upper corner of and emails from SFI and your upline and doing the daily actions every day.

These are your new steps 

2.1. Log in your and then click HOTSPOTS >>> VP Ledger. You’ll get information about what you have done. Do all you can!

2.2. Reach an EA title (1500 VersaPoints a month). Watch this video:


2.3. In the first Part (Affiliate) I told “money-making in SFI solely depends on team building as well as sales”. The way to your success: 1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month. 2. Recruit five affiliates. 3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps.

You can build your team (get affiliates) with:

  • Buying them from 12 Global PSAs, 10 PSAs GUARANTEED or 10 PSAs For You.
  • Our Marketing Co-Op (you have to be an EA) with a minimum one $5 share. It is the cheapest way to get own affiliates.
  • Promoting your gateways. Click the head next to SUPPORT and click My Gateways. You can use free or paid advertising for them, if you have a lot of extra daily time. Check out these

2.4. Stay at least as an EA. The easiest way to get those 1500 VPs every month is setting an Auto Delivery (Standing Order) with TCredits 125 Pack (1500 VPs / $36).You can use your TCredits for buying something from TripleClicks, participating in Eager Zebra games and joining Pricebender Auctions. Watch this video:



Earn up to six different ways

Direct Commissions, TripleClicks Executive Pool, Co-Sponsor Commissions, TCredits Bonus, ECA Royalties, and SFI Pay-Per-Action!


The way to your success

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month
  2. Recruit five affiliates
  3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps


When you want to reach a Team Leader (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) title, you are ready to move STEPS – Part 3 = Team Leader.