SFI Badges and TC Badges

Because most of our badges are specifically designed as recognition of the activities that create a successful business in SFI, collecting badges is important.

There are FIVE levels in Badge Quest

Level One (Rising Star)

Upon earning 12 badges, you’ll advance to the first level in Badge Quest…Rising Star.

Level Two (Pro)

Upon earning 30 badges, you’ll advance to the second level…Badge Quest Pro.

Level Three (Master)

Upon earning 40 badges, you’ll advance to the third level…Badge Quest Master.

Level Four (Grand Master)

Level four, Grand Master, is the first of two elite levels in Badge Quest. To attain the Grand Master level in Badge Quest, it’s no longer about the quantity of badges you have. Instead, qualification is now based on the point values we’ve assigned to each badge (the harder the badge is to attain, the more points it is worth). If the total points value of your collected badges puts you in the top 200 of all players, congratulations, you’re a Badge Quest Grand Master!

Level Five (Grand Master Elite)

Level five in Badge Quest is Grand Master Elite. To attain this highest level in Badge Quest, the total point value of your collected badges must put you in the top 20 of all players.


To learn more about why badges are important and can help you build a great team in SFI, please review this LaunchPad lesson.


I am just now (May 2017) a   with 16 SFI Badges and 24 TC Badges. Remember, that I restarted after a couple of years pause with SFI about six months ago.

VP Streak badges are awarded based on your all-time longest number of consecutive days that you’ve earned 10 VP or more. A streak of 180 days earns a basic badge, 365 days adds bronze trim, 730 days adds silver trim, and 1095 days adds gold trim. In other words, I have done at least 10 Daily Actions (10 VP) every day during six months.

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I play every day Eager Zebra Games and get with them more MRPs and badges, too.