Nov 05 2014

Gaining Weight 101 (36 Pages)



Tips To Gain Weight for The Skinner Guy

Being a skinny guy is challenging enough in a world where everyone else is at a “normal” weight, but when more than half of the people in this country are overweight it’s downright tough. Everywhere you look there are weight loss products, on TV, magazines, billboards and in every store you shop in. Fat free, low-fat, low carb … this stuff is everywhere, taunting you. The message all around you is “lose weight, lose weight”, but that’s the last thing you want to do. Most products that are designed to help people achieve their ideal body are created for people who need to lose fat and they just won’t work for you. You want to have a body like the one you see in those commercials, but somehow it seems out of reach for you.

The bottom line is: being a skinny guy in a fat world is just no fun at all. You don’t get the respect you want at home or at work. You don’t get as many dates as the more muscular, or even worse the chubby guy gets. You have less confidence, which means you don’t always take the chance to go for the things you really want in life. You’re a smart guy and you are capable of so much more than this in your life. The time has come to turn the tables and achieve your dreams…

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 01. Being a Skinny Guy in a Fat World
  • Chapter 02. Why Women are Attracted to Big Muscles
  • Chapter 03. How Being too Skinny Damages your Health
  • Chapter 04. Basic Weight Gain Theory
  • Chapter 05. How Muscles are Built
  • Chapter 06. Work Smarter not Harder
  • Chapter 07. Working Out too much Sabotages your Efforts
  • Chapter 08. The Workout Plan
  • Chapter 09. Why your Rest Days are Vital
  • Chapter 10. Do you need Supplements?
  • Chapter 11. The Eating Plan: Phase One — Bulk Up
  • Chapter 12. The Eating Plan: Phase Two — Final Cut Phase
  • Chapter 13. The Mindset — Thoughts Determine Results
  • Chapter 14. Conclusion


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