The Definitive Encyclopedia Of Marketable Words (121 pages, $7.00)

The Ultimate Copywriter’s Companion – Paint A Dream, Sell Your Ideas And Market Your Message With A Thousands Words That Sell!   Table Of Contents: Chapter 1: Marketable Words – The Core Files Chapter 2: Opening Essentials Chapter 3: The Bullet Point Files Chapter 4: Handling Objections Chapter 5: Conversion Boosters Chapter 6: Powerful Closers […]

A-Z of Super-Effective Sales Pages (48 Pages, $4.00)

How to make an outline for creating your sales page. In the A-Z of Super-Effective Sales pages we discuss such creative and conceptual matters as — Short or long? How many pages of persuasive copy are needed to sell your product or service Why you no longer need a longer sales letter to sell a […]