Gaining Weight 101 (36 Pages, $4.00)

Tips To Gain Weight for The Skinner Guy   Being a skinny guy is challenging enough in a world where everyone else is at a “normal” weight, but when more than half of the people in this country are overweight it’s downright tough. Everywhere you look there are weight loss products, on TV, magazines, billboards […]

Weight Loss – Your Metabolism: What You Need To Know (63 Pages, $5.00)

Fire Up Your Metabolism and Achieve Lasting and Natural Weight Loss Starting Today!   Table of Contents Chapter 1. Your Metabolism – Mastering the Basics Chapter 2. Why You Should Fire Up Your Metabolism Chapter 3. The right Mindset For Increasing Your Metabolism Chapter 4. How To Fire Up Your Metabolism Chapter 5. Fire Up […]

Weight Loss – Your New Year’s Resolution Success (78 Pages, $5.00)

The purpose of this eBook is that by the end of this book you will have gained a greater understanding of how your body works. How and why you gained the weight and what you can do to drop pounds for good this time because believe it or not, why we gained the weight in […]

Weight Loss – Drop Fat and Stay Fat Free (120 Pages, $7.00)

Within this book you will find the kind of nutritional and exercise information that athletes, sports people and dancers use to achieve their perfect, healthy weight. This same information can equally be applied to you. It is suitable for both men and women, young and old, and will yield lasting results.   Table of Contents […]

Paleo Diet Recipes (13 Pages, $3.00)

Tasty Recipes For Paleo Diets!   Recipes of this eBook: Fresh herb meatballs Citrus pork rib roast Crock pot cabbage rolls Mushroom and Hazelnut chicken Roast leg of lamb with rosemary & garlic Pan-fried Moroccan chicken Beef, cabbage and mushroom crock pot stew Coconut red snapper and pineapple salsa Omelet with sausage crust Brussel sprout […]

The Paleo Diet Basics (8 Pages, $3.00)

Lose Weight & Get Fit Today   Headlines of this eBook: What is the Paleo Diet? Benefits of the Paleo Diet Diet Basics Tips for the Paleo Lifestyle Paleo Friendly Desserts Conclusion You get this eBook with only $3.00.    

Natural Detox Made Easy (33 pages, $4.00)

Detox Tips For Success Headlines of this eBook: A 10-Day Body Detox Keep A Body Detox Journal Body Detox For Better Skin Body Detox Products – An Easy Way To Detoxify Your Self Detox- Cleansing The Body Inside Out Detox Home Kit: Easier Way Of Improving Your Body Body Detox Herbs Can Do Wonder In […]

Detox Diet Basics (24 Pages, $3.00)

Learn To Detox The Healthy Way   Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Detox Diet – A Basic Understanding Chapter 2. Benefits Of Detoxing For Fitness And Health Chapter 3. Detoxify Your Way To Health And Beauty Chapter 4. Why And How Detoxification Helps For Overall Health Chapter 5. Feeling Sluggish? Chapter 6. Different Detox-Cleansing Chapter […]

Fat Burning Foods (14 Pages, $3.00)

Foods That Burn Fat Fast Each one of the foods in this eBook is clinically proven to promote weight loss. These foods go a step beyond simply adding no fat to your system – they possess special properties that add zip to your system and help your body melt away unhealthy pounds. These incredible foods […]

100 Weight Loss Tips (17 Pages, $3.00)

This eBook is your guide to losing that first ten pounds that we all struggle with. It’s amazing what little changes in your life can add up to you losing ten pounds and they all revolve around eating right and getting your body moving.   Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Weight Loss Beginning With What […]