Aug 23 2017

Now Lifestyle


Health and Wellness Complete Access for Paid Members!

  • Get your family or friends moving with 5 personal memberships included.
  • Secure and Private members area.
  • Auto Generated customized workouts.
  • In gym/in home video workout trainings for all ages and sexes.
  • Complete diet and calorie counters.
  • Live video workouts.
  • Live video education on Health and Wellness.
  • Access to our Nutrition/merchandise product lines.
  • Ability to cash in and turn this into your own private business.



I have been a fitness enthusiast from the end of the 60s, in other words, about 50 years. My biggest interests have been weight training and biking. In my youth, I did a lot jogging, skiing and skating, too.

I have been a fitness coach over 40 years, and about 15 years from it a personal trainer in three different cities here in Finland.

In spite of those I have chosen to follow 7 Minute Workout Program. Why?

  • It is customized to me
  • I can do my workouts at home with my own equipment
  • It takes only 20-30 minutes (warm ups + all out sets) every other day
  • It gives enough time (10 days) for the every muscle group recovery and power and muscle growth
  • Its prize includes to my $50 a month package (Health and Wellness / Auto-Responder and Reseller)

There have been a lot heart diseases, diabetes and cancer in my family (both mother and father half). I got a Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) diagnose in the year 1999. It has been in a remission almost 20 years. I think, that I will be without that cancer and those others, if I train with a right amount of work, such as this 7 Minute Workout, eat right, sleep well and be without too much stress.


PLUS if you choose you can become a Reseller and Start a Great Income Generating Business from Home.

  • Complete Marketing Tools Kit ALL INCLUDED!
  • Collect commissions Today on building your Health and Wellness organization.
  • Lead capture systems and personal affiliate pages to collect leads and sales for your business.
  • Banners to redirect traffic to your Health and Wellness business model.
  • Articles and email swipe copies to send to your prospects.
  • Private conference call link to send to your prospects, let our live coaches close the sale for you.


I like Now LifeStyle Marketing Tools. We have lots of excellent websites, banners, articles, email swipes and lots more …


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I have tried many different Auto Responder Systems. I found, that this NLS Auto Responder is clear and quite easy to use.




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