Happy New YOU 40 Day Challenge

    Over the holiday break, there was a mad scramble to register for the Happy New YOU 40 Day Challenge. That’s because… Many ladies had blown out like the proverbial puffer fish over Christmas and wanted to get back on the straight and narrow right away... But they DIDN'T want a fad diet or a boring diet - what they wanted was

How To Look Like A Fitness Model

  Are you interested in looking like a Fitness Model as quickly as possibly you can? This is what you will get with Dr. Approved Fitness Model™ Program: • Train like a Fitness Model™- Get max results in minimum time from working out smarter, not harder! • Eat like a Fitness Model™- Your body will perform with more

Venus Factor

   The Venus Factor is the first and only weight loss plan designed to dramatically increase female metabolism and bring out the sexy goddess in you by delivering fast, long term, enjoyable fat loss... Without restricting the foods you crave most, without working yourself in some death trap contraption, and most certainly WITHOUT working against your

Lean & Lovely

 Reshape Your Body. Renew Your Mind. Reclaim Your Life. How would you like to... Cultivate a balanced, grateful, healthy life... Eat to please your palate, energize your body and sculpt your physique... Indulge whenever you choose (and never when you don’t want to)... Approach your workouts, no matter how demanding, with a sense of joy, possibility and adventure? And imagine

Get Lean Program

  You can have the body you deserve, no matter what your age, fitness level or current weight Have you tried lots of fad diets and programs which never made you feel or look the way you want long term? Are you 80% happy with your body but want to trim down and tone up your legs,