The Quality of Life Depends Not Merely About Money



The Factors of the Quality of Life

In the Finnish television was told today morning, that the world’s 62 richest people own as much as the poorest half of the world together. It is also noticed, that one percent (about 62 millions) of world’s population owns more than the all others together.

The money only doesn’t guarantee the quality of life, but it is easier to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. Both the wealth and health are only factors among the others.

The Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the WHOQOL instruments, in which the quality of life is divided into:

1. Physical Health (Energy and fatigue, Pain and discomfort, Sleep and rest)

2. Psychological (Bodily image and appearance, Negative feelings, Positive feelings, Self-esteem, Thinking, learning, memory and concentration)

3. Level of Independence (Mobility, Activities of daily living, Dependence of medicinal substances and medical aids, Work capacity)

4. Social Relations (Personal relationships, Social support, Sexual activity)

5. Environment (Financial resources, Freedom, physical safety and security, Health and social care: accessibility and quality, Home environment, Opportunities for acquiring new information and skills, Participation in and opportunities for recreation/leisure, Physical environment/pollution/noise/traffic/climate, Transport)

6. Spirituality/Religion/Personal beliefs (Religion/Spirituality/Personal beliefs).


The Importance of Attitude

About 70 percent of both the human body weight and the area of the world is water. The attitude has the same percent in success.

In the every area of life is a positive attitude with a high self-confidence an excellent tool for a quality life. If you hang on your earlier failures, you’ll get problems in health, mobility, social relations, work and hobbies.

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