12 WEEK SUPER SHRED by Natalie Jill


Natalie Jill


Licensed Sports Nutritionist
and Certified Personal Trainer


Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover inside the 12 Week Super Shred Body Transformation System

  • How to supercharge your training and nutrition to maximize insulin sensitivity and train your body to put the nutrients you eat INTO YOUR MUSCLE CELLS and pull calories OUT OF FAT CELLS. (This is the way to escape the CALORIES-IN vs CALORIES OUT model and put fat loss on autopilot!)
  • How to use a nutrient-timing trick unlike anything you’ve seen before to amplify fat burning power, while actually eating at or above your maintenance caloric levels almost every day.
  • Discover why cardio as you know it is DEAD, and get a cardio blueprint for maximal fat loss in minimal time.
  • Understand the difference between “working out” and TRAINING so that you can stop wasting your time in the gym like everyone else, and get body transformation results far beyond what you ever thought possible.
  • How to use the training periodization system of elite athletes and apply it to your muscle-building and fat-burning program to bust through your current plateau and take your physique to the next level.
  • How to avoid the 4 most common pitfalls that virtually EVERYONE trying to lose weight falls into, and how to turn what would be your metabolic demise into the greatest assets in your fat loss arsenal.
  • A step-by-step blueprint to take you from where you are now, to your dream physique in the next 12 weeks.





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