8 Things You Should Know About Protein

By Zack Zeigler

Get the scoop on this essential macronutrient for optimal muscle gains and training performance.

Protein 101

We’re guessing you’re fond of protein shakes because they help repair and regrow damaged muscles. Score one for you. But aside from knowing that, do you think your knowledge about protein could fit into a shaker bottle?

If not, this Protein 101 refresher will help bring you up to speed. For a crash course, we turned to nutrition and fitness expert Lisa Lynn, frequent guest on NBC’s The Dr. Oz Show and author of The Metabolism Solution.

So, what is protein, anyway?

If you slept through health class and missed the definition of protein, you’re not alone. We asked Lynn to sum it up without going full Bill Nye on us. “Technically proteins are large molecules that consists of amino acids, and they make every cell in our bodies. So they’re the building block of muscle, and no bodily function can happen without it.”

Not consuming enough protein also means you no longer need to worry about weight loss or sculpting six-pack abs because you’re sabotaging your ability to A) fulfill your potential inside of the gym, and B) remain in good health.

“Without enough protein your body will start to pull fuel from places like your bones, organs, and heart. You won’t stay healthy for long,” she adds.

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