Is Menopause Driving you Crazy??




Menopause and the lead up to it can be a very taxing time for women. (How understated was that?)

Hot flashes, forgetfulness, mood swings, reduced sex drive, physical symptoms including cramping and pain – none of these make for a really fun time!

I recently spoke with Katherine Miller, Holistic Coach & Menopause Specialist, about her worldwide “virtual summit”, Menopause is a Trip 2016.

I’d love for you to ‘attend’ this online event bringing 21 experts in women’s health and hormonal balance right to your inbox. They will be sharing the latest practical tips and strategies to help you prevent and get relief from menopausal symptoms so you can enjoy a healthy, vital future.

Katherine has interviewed 20 amazing Doctors and health professionals (including me) and she’s putting all of those interviews together in one 9 day event from January 9th through the 17th.

>>Please join me here: Menopause is a Trip 2016

Here are a just a few of the topics covered:

  • Healthy Belly – Happy Hormones
  • How to Use Food to Re-Balance Menopause
  • From Fatigued to Fabulous
  • Thyroid, Fat Loss, Metabolism
  • A Practical Chat about Pelvic Floor

And I discuss practical approaches to fitness and fat loss despite hormones – get ready for some tough love!

When: January 9th – 17th (Put it in your calendar now!)

How much: Not-a-cent. There’s no charge to attend!

Each interview is available for 48 hours so you can soak up all of the amazing advice and practical solutions.

It’s super line-up designed to address the challenges you may be experiencing – how to heal them and how to prevent them.

>>You can find all the details and interview topics HERE.

This is a not to be missed event, whether you’re experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms or full blown menopause, you’ll find plenty of information to help you.



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