How to Get Better Sleep Into Your Nights

    How well do you sleep at night? Do you worry or feel anxious about something so that it keeps you awake? How long have you wrestled with falling asleep at night? Is a sleeping pill suggested by your physician also not working perfectly? Read on for an effective three-step magic technique for sleeping into

5 Recovery Tips For Your Next Tough Workout

      Got a HIIT session planned or a long, tough run? A good recovery plan is crucial for your gains. Sports physiotherapist Mark Alexander, who’s worked with the Australian Olympic Team, knows a thing or three about keeping athletes fit to train. Check out his expert pointers for a speedy and safe recovery, whatever your

8 Post-Workout Recovery Tips to Maximize Your Results

  Shannon Clark wrote in her article at Recover, Grow, Repeat e.g. Think you get results from working yourself to death in the gym? It's time to focus your efforts on what you do outside of it. Push the barrier, don't annihilate it. Get serious about pre-workout nutrition. Don't skip the stretching. Perfect your post-workout protein. Eat potassium-rich foods. Focus on quality