3 Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good

    Most women have the misfortune of developing cellulite at some point in their lives. A woman's body is genetically prone to the development of these unsightly, lumpy deposits of fat beneath the skin. Exercise alone does little to alleviate cellulite, and requires continuous dedication to maintain results. Once the exercise is discontinued, the cellulite

5 Must Have Power Foods for Slimming Smoothies

    If you are serious about losing weight, you will find some scrumptious ideas and ingredients through this article. In fact, they are so tasty you can't imagine they are so healthy. Isn't it wonderful to think that something tastes this good and is giving you a lot of health benefits? They say variety is key,

The Quality of Life Depends Not Merely About Money

  The Factors of the Quality of Life In the Finnish television was told today morning, that the world's 62 richest people own as much as the poorest half of the world together. It is also noticed, that one percent (about 62 millions) of world's population owns more than the all others together. The money only doesn't

Is Menopause Driving you Crazy??

    Menopause and the lead up to it can be a very taxing time for women. (How understated was that?) Hot flashes, forgetfulness, mood swings, reduced sex drive, physical symptoms including cramping and pain - none of these make for a really fun time! I recently spoke with Katherine Miller, Holistic Coach & Menopause Specialist, about her

Happy New YOU 40 Day Challenge

    Over the holiday break, there was a mad scramble to register for the Happy New YOU 40 Day Challenge. That’s because… Many ladies had blown out like the proverbial puffer fish over Christmas and wanted to get back on the straight and narrow right away... But they DIDN'T want a fad diet or a boring diet - what they wanted was

Fast Track to Fat Loss

What did you try in 2015 to lose weight?  Dieting?  Supplements? Intense exercise? For some people, these solutions may well deactivate your fat burning gene. Yikes! But what if you could quickly flip this gene fully ON, so you're burning FAT around the clock? NOW YOU CAN... and people are consistently losing up to 10 pounds in the first