Nutrition Tips

My site gives lots of tips how to eat healthy, so that your body fat percentage goes to the optimal level. At the same time you have all the needed energy for your daily activities.

Exercice Tips

My site gives lots of tips how to exercise, so that your strength, endurance and flexibility improve. At the same time you reach the optimal body fat percentage and muscle mass.

Health Tips

My site gives lots of tips how to improve and maintenance of physical and mental health. At the same time you build your immune system and a positive attitude for a holistic happiness.


The purpose of this website is to give tools for your body, mind and health.
This means female fitness programs and lots of articles with information via texts, pictures and videos.




My name is Arto Painilainen. I am a Finnish 68 year old man.
I have done weight and cardio workouts regularly over 50 years.
I have been a freelancer fitness & a lifestyle coach about 40 years, too.

The picture above is taken the 11th October 2016.

I hope you have fun and you’ll be back many times.


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