Sunday, February 18, 2018

Maximum Strength

Maximum strength is is the maximum effort your muscle fibers can put forth when contracting to lift a weight. You can increase it with a training targeted to improve muscular innervation or muscle mass (muscle hypertrophy).


Absolute Strength

To work the absolute strength, you should use 90% to 100% of your maximum weight and occasionally overloads (partial reps), too. Choose 1-2 exercises per a muscle group, 4-7 sets for each exercise and do 1-3 reps. Rest between the sets 2-6 minutes.


Basic Strength Training

If you are aiming to increase muscle mass, use the percentages 60% to 80%. Use 1-4 exercises per a muscle group, 3-6 sets for each exercise and do 6-12 reps. Rest between the sets 2-3 minutes.


Safety Tips

Unfortunately often especially us men are used to prove our limits too recklessly in the gyms, too. This may lead to an injury or a mentally embarrassing situation, that keeps a person out of the gym a long time.

The sets with 1-3 reps demand the right lifting techniques. Don’t attempt to work your absolute strength until you have spent at least a year in weight training – otherwise, you could seriously injure your joints and ligaments. Use instead about 10 (6-12) reps sets.

When you do such barbell exercises, in which there are big risks to stay under, it is a good idea to use a power rack or 1-2 supported person(s).


Set Schemes

1. There are lots of different set schemes. I take two examples. In the first one you do after couple of warming up sets e.g. 5 x 3 (five sets with three reps). You can use in those five sets the same weights all the time (or increase on even decrease them).

2. In the Pyramid Training the reps change along with weights:

a) in the one-sided (short): reps are e.g. 6-5-4-3-2
b) in the two-sided (long): reps are e.g. 6-5-4-3-2 / 3-4-5-6
c) in the ”mad man”: the weights and the reps increase … 2×200 lbs – 3×220 lbs – 4×240 lbs – 5×260 lbs – 6×280 lbs.

Pyramid Training


Progressive Training

Progressive training means that you keep gradually increasing the weights you lift (over a period of weeks, months, and years), so you always experience a high degree of challenge in your training. In broader terms progressive training means changing various aspects of your training to increase the challenge, including distance, speed, duration, etc. If you keep lifting the same weights week after week, you aren’t going to get much stronger.

Progressive Training