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A Guide For Beginner’s Contest Prep

If bodybuilding competition is something you’ve been thinking about, then my advice is to use the directions provided in this article and make your competition goals a reality.

by Anita Ramsey Jan 08, 2007


All Bodybuilders Dream Of Being A Champion

In 1983 I started training with weights as a competitive alpine ski racer and continued training with weights while competing for the University of New Mexico ski team. After a bad fall, which made me stop skiing, I began to get more and more involved in lifting weights, as my thoughts were to make a come back to the slopes.

Soon people in the gym were asking me if I was a bodybuilder. My answer was, “What’s a bodybuilder?” After researching what they where talking about, I picked out a show and proceeded to get ready for my first contest. So, I did the 1988 NPC Boulder Bodybuilding Championships and I won the middleweights. Not too bad for not knowing anything.

If I remember right all I ate was large plates of pasta with cheese, butter and vegetables. Since then I have competed steadily in over a dozen shows, and made top ten in National shows and my contest prep has evolved over the years to become a very scientific process…

Ok, so, you’ve been lifting in the gym for months. You’ve been looking in those bodybuilding magazines, and you’re considering competing too. I know, all your friends say you have a great physique. Before you begin, be realistic. For instance look in the mirror at your own physique. Do you have what it takes?


Be Prepared

Bodybuilding competitions require a certain level of physical and mental discipline. Have you been to a show? Before you even begin the hard journey, find the nearest local show and check it out. Look around… in the audience alone should be a level of bodybuilders with great physiques. Watch the category you want to compete in. Interesting Huh?

One other note that is very, very important – I have gone to many shows since 1988 when I started, and there is always one constant, the individual who is on stage that everyone in the audience is laughing at. I’m sorry about being straight, but “competitive” bodybuilding is NOT what most think bodybuilding is.

You should NOT get on stage just because you dieted – it is “crucial” that your physique actually be ready for stage presentation. Bodybuilding competition is NOT for the individual who just finished their “Biggest Loser” trek and thinks that’s a good reward or the individual who has only lifted for one month and gets up there with those trying to be a “real” bodybuilder.

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